Skall's Addons for WorldWind

WorldWind TravelBook

Worlwind TravelBook is a kind of bookmark for worldwind.

Skymap Addon

The skymap addons allows to have some stars in the background of worldwind. A big map of visibles stars from the earth is mapped above the earth.

Sat Track

Sat track is an online internet page that sends your worldwind to the location of any satellite in orbite. So you will be able to see the earth as the people in the ISS do !

Deathstar addon

for worldwind 1.3

Deathstar is a useless addon that show starwar's empire deathstar in worldwind.

Moon addon

for worldwind 1.3

Moon addon replaces the earth by the moon in worldwind. Two packages are available, normal and high-resolution. Both include the full placenames list.

Tools for worldwind

This page contains some tools I have written to make some addons for worldwind.