WorldWind 1.3 Moon addon


Worldind moon addon allows to see the moon instead of the earth in worldwind. Two packages are available : normal and high-resolution. Both of them include the full placename list (1958 names).


Basic package

Installation package 3.890Mb for worldwind 1.3

Alternate download site (twobeds)

Installation package 3.890Mb for worldwind 1.3

High resolution package (33Mb)

archive 1/11

archive 2/11

archive 3/11

archive 4/11

archive 5/11

archive 6/11

archive 7/11

archive 8/11

archive 9/11

archive 10/11

archive 11/11

Alternate download site (twobeds):

High resolution package (33Mb) executable

Note : The hi-res package also includes the basic installation

Install for V1.3

Download and run. When asked for destination folder, select your worldwind directory (by default c:\program files\NASA\worldwind 1.3)


start worldwind moon (start=>programs=>NASA=>worldwind moon and enjoy !


these two pictures show the same place, with and without the hi-resolution package.

without the hires package

with the hires package

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